A Home that generates Electricity, Clean Water & Waste Water Treatment

Self-Sustaining SmartHome


Architectural Designs.

Our team of professional architects from Ghana, Rwanda and Brazil are well vest in the design industry.


We provide modern architecture concepts for single residential homes, gated or open community, commercial and industrial concepts.  


Partnerships with experienced construction firms in Ghana and Rwanda, we are able to blend our technology with the professional skills from these firms to provide state-of-the-art modern construction works with supervision in a self sustaining and affordable manner.

SmartHome Integrations.

Control the entire home devices from a tap on your smartphone and by voice control.

Make your life more easier with Smarthome solutions.

Control Lights, Sockets, Window Curtains, Door Locks, entertainment systems all from your smartphone and by using your voice.



CCTView Group started as a state-of the-art Home Automation company in Ghana in the year 2011. After many years of installing and integrating smart technologies into clients home, we found some of the major problems facing home owners which are cost of construction, poor works with no value for money, high cost of utility bills and the fear of homes being burgled with most families worried the safety of their children and properties especially when they are away from home.

To find lasting solution to this we formed CCTView Group, putting together professional team in the areas of civil engineering, architects, system integrators. Our Solution tackles all the above mentioned problems. We making homes self sustaining in electricity using solar roof tiles and clean drinking water from reverse osmosis treatment wells. From minimalist and futuristic design modern concepts with professional touch delivery value for money turnkey projects.



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Self Sustaining SmartHomes generates electricity, clean drinking water and waste water treatment.

      No More Electricity and Water Bills for You!




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