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Technology Architecture and Construction

All completed in-house

Smart living has many benefits. Key among them is Self-Sustaining benefits. Many home owners consider architectural design, location and luxury fittings as their guidelines to acquiring their homes.

They leave out the key component which is cost on utilities, maintenance, such as;

  1. Cost on electricity running the home

  2. Cost on water 

  3. Cost of waste management 

  4. Cost of electrical appliance replacement due to power fluctuations 

  5. Service charges on installations

Investing in  Self- Sustaining Smart Home and experience these benefits;

  • No electricity bills again.

  • Generate money by selling excess electricity to your neighbours 

  • No monthly water bills

  • Eco-friendly living with luxury

  • Peace of mind - control entire home from your smart phone

  • Automation with style - use your voice control all gadgets in the house.eg lights, tv, gate, sockets, curtains, music system etc

  • Real Smart Life - turn on air-conditioning before you arrive home, talk to any visitor from your smart phone as they press your door bell

The Future Is Now!!